International Cooperation & Investment Project „ZIPANGU“

  • Company ZIPANGU was established in year 2007 and is the first and the only diamond manufacturing company in Switzerland.
  • Diamonds from Switzerland are unique and only available from Zipangu, a 100% private company specializing in the production of top-quality diamonds.
  • The company has own export license and buys rough diamonds for the entire production from conflict-free mines and bring them to own diamond manufacturing facility in Eastern Switzerland, where the raw diamonds are selected and processed by master diamond polishers from all over the world.
  • The most precious unique specimens are created with the help of high-tech diamond polishing robots - from brilliant to custom cuts. Company Zipangu is a leading producer of high-precision, pure and white diamonds for the upscale jewellery trade with a focus on markets of Switzerland, Europe and international, which offers also best services - from the procurement of specific diamonds to consulting, custom fabrication and personal on-site delivery.